Thursday, 7 February 2013

What to expect: Week 14

Your baby is now around 9cm long, this is about half the size of a banana. Their fingerprints have developed and the hair on its scalp and eyebrows will begin to appear. Your baby can now pass urine and it will fill and empty its bladder around every half an hour.

At this stage of pregnancy you may find that you are starting to get a little forgetful, but don’t worry this is perfectly normal. Your baby bump may be starting to show this week and it may be time to start wearing your maternity clothes. During pregnancy the volume of blood pumping around your body increases and this can cause nasal congestion which can lead to nosebleeds. If you experience nosebleeds regularly you should speak to your doctor.

You may need to start thinking about telling your employer you are pregnant at this point. Although you are not legally required to people may start to guess and you need to make sure that your working environment is safe. Your employer can help with this.

Some mums-to-be start buying neutral baby clothes at this point, however, a good tip is to keep the tags on them in case your baby is too big for them!

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