Thursday, 29 November 2012

Don't be a couch potato this Christmas!

Let’s face it, it’s cold outside and when it’s cold all we want to do is cuddle up on the sofa with a nice hot drink and a mince pie (well it is almost December)! However, as well as not being particularly good for your waistline, becoming a couch potato could also be damaging for your back.

36% of people in Britain suffering with back pain say that their pain is triggered by sitting for long periods of time. Sitting for extended periods of time puts almost twice as much pressure on the back as standing and with most sofas offering little or no support for the back the effect on posture can be long term.

So while we snuggle up on the sofa with a cheesy Christmas movie follow these simple tips on looking after your back:
  • ·         Switch positions. You should alternate between sitting on the sofa and sitting on the floor with your back rested firmly against the base of the sofa to keep your posture upright.
  • ·         Variety is the spice of life. Try to have a range of chairs available so that you don’t always end up on the sofa; a sturdier chair for example will support your lower back more effectively.
  • ·         Take a break. Get off the sofa at regular intervals (even if it’s only to make a cup of tea) and walk round the house to stretch your muscles.

Above all else, if you can bear to leave the comfort of your lovely warm home try to get some exercise and go for a walk and some fresh air.

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