Thursday, 24 January 2013

Being over 55 can be a real pain in the neck!

Various x-ray studies have shown that almost everyone over the age of 55 has a certain degree of “wear and tear” in their neck.

What “wear and tear” actually refers to is spondylosis and/or arthritis of the neck joints and while this may be inevitable not everyone over the age of 55 suffers with neck pain. That’s because generally speaking the body is very good at adapting to physical damage or stresses. Factors such as poor posture, bad driving position, a car accident or another specific injury can exacerbate existing damage caused by age and this can become painful. This can result in muscle spasms, altered posture and structural problems.

What can you do when your neck becomes a problem? Gentle exercise is a good starting point as it improves blood circulation and helps with healing. An awareness of correct posture can be extremely helpful and can prevent further pain.

Osteopathic treatment can be very helpful in easing a painful neck and here at The Wellness Hub we are noticing that neck pains are becoming an increasingly common problem among our patients. We treat such complaints with a combination of gentle, individually prescribed treatments, advice and explanation of what exactly is causing your pain.

We usually expect our patients to notice a marked improvement after three of four visits. So if you have a pain in your neck why not give us a call, drop us an email or come in and see us and make an appointment today.

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