Friday, 11 January 2013

What to expect: Week 11

Congratulations, you are almost through the first trimester of pregnancy and if you haven’t already seen your little one you will have the chance to see them on an ultrasound scan very soon.

By now your baby is beginning to look more like a little human being and has fingernails and other distinct human characteristics.

As a mum-to-be you should start to feel more human again as the morning sickness starts to subside and you rediscover your appetite. Although you are eating for two you should try to make sensible food choices and graze on healthy snacks throughout the day to avoid bloating.

Pregnancy fatigue is normal as your body is working harder than it ever has before; however, you can take comfort in knowing that in the next few weeks your energy levels will start to increase and you will feel like you can do more. Believe it or not, a little light exercise can do wonders for your energy levels and if you are unsure about what exercises are safe to do during pregnancy you can always consult a personal trainer. By using a professional you can be sure that any exercise will be safe for both you and your baby; it has also been suggested that the healthier you are during your pregnancy the easier the birth process will be.

At The Wellness Hub we offer a personal training service which can be tailored to your specific needs. It is important to remember that if you have been active before your pregnancy you can continue to be fit and healthy as your pregnancy progresses. 

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