Friday, 4 January 2013

Running into the New Year

Every year on the 31st December thousands of people make New Year resolutions; giving up smoking, getting a promotion and most commonly losing weight and getting fit.

As January is now upon us and we have polished off the last of the mince pies many of us will dust off our old trainers and start a fitness regime which includes running.

All runners make mistakes at some point during their training but by avoiding some of the most common mistakes you could be protecting yourself from injury.

Wearing old running shoes or wearing the wrong type of running shoes for your foot or running style can lead to injuries.

You can help yourself by buying your running shoes from a specialist shop that has knowledgeable staff with an awareness of your running style and foot type. Once you have found the perfect pair of running shoes be sure to replace them every 300-350 miles as the loss of cushioning in the sole can lead to injuries to the foot. By having two pairs of running shoes and alternating them they will last longer by allowing them to decompress and dry out between workouts.

Of course even by wearing the best shoes possible for your foot and running style injuries can still happen. At The Wellness Hub we have specialist podiatrists who can treat any injuries to the feet or lower limbs that may be caused by running.  Our comprehensive assessment will diagnose the cause of the problem and put in place a treatment plan to rectify it.

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