Wednesday, 24 October 2012

87% of young people have back ache. The other 13% don't own a computer!

It’s funny to joke, but there is a serious side and that is that excessive computer use can lead to back and neck problems.

The 3 main reasons computers cause problems:

1. Bad posture - Faulty posture is one of the main reasons we suffer from back pain. Computer screens are often below eye level and sitting continuously in the same position and hunching or slouching are very bad examples of posture which everyone falls prey to when using computers.

2.  Repetitive strain injury – Sitting in the same position and repeating the same bad posture can put strain on the back muscles and injure the spine.

3. Lack of exercise – When sat in the same position for long periods of time our muscles get cramped and this can cause pain.

 By following some basic rules we can get relief from the back pain caused by computer use:

1. Correct posture - Correct posture means, sitting straight and making sure our back gets proper rest. Yoi could put a cushion behind the back for more comfortable sitting and your legs should be firmly placed on the ground. This posture distributes the pressure equally in the body and will make sure that the spinal cord is not affected.

2. Take regular breaks – Working continuously in the same position leads to muscle stress and injury. To prevent this take a 10 minute break for every hour you sit in the same position, stretch and de-stress the muscles.

3. Exercise – There is no better way to beat pack pain than regular exercise, working out the muscles is essential to strengthen them and improve blood circulation. Regular computer users can get a hunch back and exercise helps to keep an upright posture.

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