Monday, 8 October 2012

Crippled by back pain? Could it all be in your head?

Researchers have suggested that crippling back pain could merely be in our heads, that exposure to reports of back pain and its effects could actually increase the chances of getting it yourself. A leading and acceptable cause of work disability, back pain has long been considered frequent and unavoidable.

However, the osteopaths and physiotherapists at The Wellness Hub warn against thinking that back pain is a figment of people’s imaginations. In fact, most of the new patients we see complain of neck or back problems and the majority of these patients are genuine sufferers. We have patients who shuffle in to see us and who are doubled over after sitting in the waiting room, both classic signs of underlying injuries.

At The Wellness Hub we use detailed examinations to piece together the patients symptoms and reach a diagnosis, of which around 95% fit to a “classic example” of a particular type of back pain.

Back pain is one of the most common causes for loss of working days, which is why many businesses pay for their staff to visit us. Providing correct treatment resolves problems quickly and effectively.

Our advice; back pain almost always has an underlying problem at its root, so don’t think you are imagining it, come and see us straight away instead of leaving it too long. 

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