Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Is Winter causing your back pain?

Case Study: Once the cold weather hits my back tightens up and starts hurting.

A patient recently visited us complaining that since the weather has gotten colder their back pain has become worse. They were looking for suggestions to combat the problems of back pain during the winter months.

Many patients complain of increased pain at this time year and it is not the fault of the patient, the low meteorological pressure during the winter months has a physical impact on your joints, compressing them and making movement more painful.

Also we are less active in the cold weather and the less our muscles get used the tenser they are which causes them to ache. Even the gentlest of exercises will increase the flow of blood to the muscles which will help them to relax and make them less prone to stiffness. Exercise also releases endorphins which act as natural painkillers.

Self-management can be very effective in terms of controlling your diet and exercise; however, regular massages and physiotherapy sessions can also be very beneficial to deal with any underlying problems before they are exacerbated by the cold winter conditions.

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