Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Top Tips for protecting your back when gardening

For many people gardening is an enjoyable and relaxing pass time, it also provides great exercise. However, to continue enjoying the garden you need to make sure you don’t injure yourself; our tips will tell you how:

Clothing – you should wear loose and comfortable clothing and wear supportive shoes with good grips on the soles, this avoids slipping and strained ankles. Wear clothes that will not get too damp and avoid jeans as they get too tight over the lower back.

Warm up – you wouldn’t go for a run without first warming up, the same should go for gardening. A few stretches and bending exercises will warm up the muscles and make the exercise less of a strain.

 Lifting – lift with your knees and not your back. Try to be upright with your knees bent and straighten your legs to lift. If it is really heavy then ask for help.

 Digging – this is the gardening activity which should be approached with most care. Limit the amount of time spent digging and make sure to take regular breaks, your back should be straight with your knees bent.

 Mowing – the best type of mower should be light and easy to start, also make life easy with a mower that collects the grass so you don’t have to strain yourself picking it up.

Above all else make sure you have realistic expectations of what you want to achieve and if you think you will need help, make sure you ask!

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