Monday, 22 October 2012

Post - Pregnancy Problems

Any woman who has had a baby will tell you that getting back to normal isn’t always as easy as they’d hoped.

Here we will discuss two common problems and offer tips on how to deal with them.

Client case study 1: Still suffering from the back ache after pregnancy

We recently saw a lady who was still suffering from the back ache she had during her pregnancy six weeks after the birth of her daughter. Due to altered pregnancy posture it is common to have lower back pain during and after pregnancy, but that doesn’t mean you have to put up with it and that there is nothing you can do about it.

Your body changes so much throughout pregnancy and if it wasn’t for the hormone induced stretch that develops in the ligaments, you wouldn’t be able to give birth at all. However, this leaves joints less protected and aches, pains and even injuries become more common.

The good news is that for an osteopath these lax ligaments makes treatment much more effective and even the most severe pain can respond really well with just one gentle treatment.

Client case study 2: Getting back into shape after two babies

Pregnancy weight is very easy to put on, but can prove tricky to lose. We are often asked what are the best exercises to tone up after birth, particularly when many women still feel fragile and achy.

If you’re breastfeeding you shouldn’t diet as you need plenty of nutrition for your baby and even if you aren’t breastfeeding a crash diet isn’t the way forward. We suggest gentle toning and as your pelvic floor and abdomen have worked very hard re-educating them would be highly recommended. A specialist physiotherapist can help devise an exercise programme that is tailored to suit your needs perfectly. 

Swimming is a great type of exercise that is gentle and effective, just try to avoid breast stroke as it is demanding on the back and hips.

The key thing to remember is that most women can return to their original shape and size it just requires effort and determination!

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