Thursday, 11 October 2012

Is reducing the size of your waist mad? Corset is!

On Monday the Daily Mail published an article which showed Nerina Orton (above) the owner of Britain’s thinnest waist. Her waist measures just 15.7 inches, less than 1 inch off beating the world record of 15 inches. Nerina trains by wearing her corset for 23 hours a day and she is not alone, so called ‘corset training’ has become a very popular way of shaping the waist. Burlesque star Dita Von Teese has apparently reduced the size of her waist by being strapped into a corset for days at a time.

Here at The Wellness Hub we cannot believe that anyone would think this is a good idea and would never advocate such an extreme approach. Forcing the skeleton into a new unnatural posture could mean that the ribs end up being tightened into the waist which would not allow for proper breathing.

However, while we would never condone the use of corsetry in such an extreme way it is ironic that medical corsets can be very beneficial for a bad back. Allowing the back to rest in the case of extreme spasms with a prescribed back support encourages a quick recovery.

So our advice would be that although we’d recommend you do not use a corset to change your shape they can sometimes help in recovery from severe back problems.

The full article is available here.....

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