Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Can good posture make you live longer?

How many times as a child were you told to stop slouching or to stand up straight? This advice could actually make you live longer. Several studies have shown that good posture can have major lifelong health benefits.

Slouching strains our muscles, ligaments and tendons, wears out our joints and bones and causes spinal injuries and arthritis. People with these ailments have poorer general health and a shorter life span.

Poor posture is becoming more common as we spend more of our days sitting behind a computer, muscle fatigue causes the spine to flex too far forward and if this becomes habit it could cause permanent structural change.

As the link between posture and life expectancy has been proved by several studies it supports what osteopaths have been saying for a long time; an unhealthy spine can cause an unhealthy body. So next time you catch yourself slouching you may want to tell yourself to stand up straight. 

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